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Intuitive subtype Ne-ENTp (Ne-ILE)

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


Makes an impression of a detached, floating in the clouds, and childishly naïve person. Socially adept conversationalist. Reads much and is inquisitive. Willingly discusses new information with his friends and associates, shows interest in their opinion. His seemingly soft demeanor is combined with obstinacy and imperturbability when he has to defend his views. Likes to discuss things but rarely if ever ends these discussions in conflict. Often smiles at others even if they haven't provided any occasion for this. With the same smile talks about both ridiculous and serious subject matters. Usually he is kind with everyone and doesn't readily take offense at critical remarks. In his undertakings and projects he is patient, and, despite being somewhat forgetful and scattered, if he is really interested in something he will follow it through to completion. His gestures and speech seem either slowed down or accelerated. His pose seems at ease, gaze is scattered and defocused, gait and movements lack in certainty and firmness.


Interested in new, unusual or poorly understood phenomena. Curious. Usually reads a lot and has a wide circle of interests. Likes to surprise others with sensational news. Good at seeing potential prospects of various ideas and undertakings. If he is sufficiently provided for, prefers to occupy himself with that which is interesting instead of that which brings a return. Can get thoroughly engaged with one project or problem if for him it is interesting or beneficial.

Needs periodic emotional shake-ups. Feels delighted to have fun in a circle of friends. Loves those who are friendly, confident, optimistic, and can elevate the mood with provocative humor. Poorly sees how people relate to him. Afraid to show his feelings first and doubts them for a long time. Dislikes rushing things. Due to this, may manifest initiative with much delay, when the opportunity is already gone.

Does not hurry with the implementation of plans or ideas, because he believes that the main results are still ahead. Occasionally suffers from disorganization, lack of will and initiative. At times he will rush his work, attempting to make up for lost time. Resourceful and inventive in difficult situations. When at rest, shows little initiative, unless he is faced with a crisis situation, which stimulates him and increases his vitality. Then he begins to actively engage in work, he promptly carries out his assignments not sparing time or resources. Dislikes routine and any regimented, monotonous work. Cannot live by a strict schedule.

His character combines qualities of kindness, idealism, and trusting nature. Because of his innate impracticality and gullibility, he can be easily fooled. A sense of justice and faith in the best qualities are inherent to him, so he finds it difficult to come to a realization of such let-downs. Rarely gives compliments but is usually well-wishing towards other people, tries to understand their wishes and needs, to be helpful to all. Gladly gives advice on how to get out of difficult situations. Avoids disagreements and conflicts. Supports good, friendly relations. If necessary, attempts to explain the reasons for his mistakes and unethical actions.

Not vain. Defends his own interests with less vigor than the interests of those whom he cares for, although sometimes he can become principled and unyielding in matters that are of importance to him. Not always responsible and can promise that which he isn't able to deliver. Knowing this, he sometimes resorts to never giving promises to anyone not to spoil his relations.

Reluctantly deals with everyday life, yielding initiative to others over such matters. In issues that concern aesthetics often relies on tastes of his partner. Quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets what he needs to do. Getting distracted by the little things, sometimes runs out of time to meet important deadlines. Having to live by a schedule and constantly maintain order feels like a burden for him.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Has a good feel for novelty. Not seldom becomes the author of many inventions and discoveries. Unsurpassed generator of ideas. Bold and forward-looking in his proposals. However, he easily drops tasks and projects he grew bored with for something new, more interesting and captivating. Capable of realizing himself in business. Characterized by dynamicity and quick speech, gesticulates a lot. Often has solid pudgy figure, looks with fortitude, if male may have a mustache. Places much importance on external appearance.

Logical subtype Ti-ENTp (Ti-ILE)

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The logical subtype projects an impression of a serious person. Can be sharp and even inconsiderate from time to time. Self-assured, speaks rapidly and usually in a categorical tone. Can be unduly categorical in his judgments with a tendency of imposing his opinion on others. At times appears assertive and self-confident. Impatient, cannot always wait for someone else to finish before interrupting. Often takes up something new and tries to find it a practical embodiment. Actively and vigorously defends his interests. While doing so, he may flare up and offend someone, but noticing this tries to correct the situation. Rather self-centered and may take offense at minor things, however, after some time he once again becomes well-wishing and amicable. His behavior is unpredictable and full of contrasts. His gaze is at times scattered and at other times testing and tenacious. Gait and gestures are swinging, seem confident but poorly coordinated. His pose is free and unrestrained. Easily closes the distance, may hug and kiss his conversation partner.


Loves to expose everything to logical analysis. May be engaged in theoretical development if it has the potential of being implemented into practice. Critically thinks over old theories and methods and is able to create qualitatively new ones. Can turn vague ideas into well designed, easy to implement, concrete projects. Can feel potential and future prospects, has a good marketing sense. Quickly loses interest in what has been done. Due to this can scatter himself and not finish everything that he has started, unless it concerns something that is important and fundamental for him. Often completely changes his types of activity and plunges into something new. Avidly engages in projects and opportunities that cannot be fully exhausted.

Has an inclination to impose his views on others. In cases when he has been proven wrong, it is difficult for him to admit it. Does not succumb to intimidation. He can issue a challenge to a superior opponent even without any actual chances of success. In arguments and discussions he is excitable and often hot tempered. When he is put under pressure he boldly and aggressively fights back. When there is panic, he calmly and confidently takes the initiative in his hands, becomes focused and decisive, acts quickly and logically. Can find a way out of any difficult situation.

Active and energetic. Savvy in strategic questions and enterprising. Readily attracts people to new undertakings if he considers them promising. He is constantly on the lookout for new approaches and solutions to the present problems. Doesn't stop on what has been accomplished. Suggests radical solutions. Ambitious. If necessary can be tough and assertive. Does not like to compromise.

As a leader prefers that everyone would be in their places occupied by their work. Encourages people around him to activity, teamwork, and cohesion. Democratic by nature, tries to be the first among equals. Not inclined to show respect for ranks and conformity. Easily switches to a more familiar language in his conversations with others. Shows his positive predisposition by a handshake and a friendly smile. Tries to be fair to all but is not afraid to say the truth directly. Wants to be respected. Can be unrestrained in arguments and disputes. Tries to distance himself from imposing people who want to use him to their advantage.

From time to time needs to spend time in a good company or engage in other activities (sports or hobbies) in order to raise his vitality and spirits. Likes to make useful contacts. Since he is not always a good judge of character, sometimes keeps questionable acquaintances. As a consequence of this, he is inclined to periodically become disillusioned with people. Has difficulties creating positive, stable relationships, but despite being scattered he usually tries to keep his promises.

Mistrustful of feelings. Afraid to show how he feels being uncertain in subsequent reaction of his partner. Painfully experiences uncertainty in relationships. If he believes the reciprocity is there, he will honestly speak of his shortcomings because he is afraid of letting down the hopes and expectations of his partner and well as being let down himself. Afraid of becoming dependent on his partner. Often puts work interests above personal attachments. Any reproaches or criticisms irritate him. Can vehemently and sharply defend his independence and point of view, but later regrets it and tries to smooth things over if he cares for the person.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Self-submersed and thoughtful person. He is attracted by ideas that don't have direct connection to reality, for example philosophy, religion, bioenergetics, and so on. His favorite occupation is to compare different logical systems. A type of office researcher. Often has an asthenic figure, can be angular in movements. Doesn't pay much attention to external appearance, takes little care of his health.

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