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This is a picture of a cheeseburger contained within a red circle. The red circle has a thickness of maybe .5 cm and a diameter of perhaps 4 cm. The circle might be better described as a dark, lackluster maroon. Furthermore, the circle has a line running through it from 1:30 to 7:30 of a slightly lesser thickness but the same color. The line supersedes the cheeseburger where they intersect.

Niffweed17 is some deranged lunatic. It is advisable to always maintain a safe distance of at least 200 trillion light years from him.

To read more about Niffweed17's clear and unquestionable idiocy, visit his Wikipedia Userpage and admire the endless horde of worthless userboxes that he so diligently assembled in the Wikipedia-wide userbox scramble of December 2005. Be sure to also check out the section on random words and leave a derogatory comment on his talk page, such as "What the fuck is wrong with you?" or "I liked the random words you demented loser."

También puedes ver su página de usuario de la Wikipedia española, que te dirigirá que mires la página de la Wikipedia inglés para la información verdadera.

(This page previously contained my message to the users of forum following my ban. You may still read this message here.)

(All vandalism made my User:Bionicgoat made to this page has been moved to User:Niffweed17/Bionic Vandalism.)

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